February 19

Opposing the War Machine

Howard Switzer
6 min readFeb 26


Rage Against the War Machine! That was the name of the Peace Rally in DC on Feb. 19th. A few thousand people came out for it, all of them kind of wondering where everyone else was. There should have been a million, surely .003% of the population opposes the crimes of the war machine and the threat of nuclear war. Where were they?

They were stuck in division. The same insidious division that the system promotes to keep us all divided and unwilling to work together, right vs left, vaxed vs unvaxxed, Ford vs Chevy, you name it, we are divided on many levels. Elements of what’s left of the so-called left shunned the event as they didn’t want to “lock arms” with people they disagreed with on other issues. Many at the rally expressed the reason they came as being concerned about the threat of nuclear war and felt all the other issues paled in comparison to immediate annihilation of all of us. I appreciate that sentiment.

I appreciated the list of demands that this rally called for as well as their explanations for each.

  • Not One More Penny for War in Ukraine

The Democrats and Republicans have armed Ukraine with tens of billions of dollars in weapons and military aid. The war has killed tens of thousands, displaced millions, and is pushing us toward a nuclear WW3. Stop funding the war.

  • Negotiate Peace

The US instigated the war in Ukraine with a coup on its democratically elected government in 2014, and then sabotaged a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine in March. Pursue an immediate ceasefire and diplomacy to end the war.

  • Stop the War Inflation

The war is accelerating inflation and increasing food, gas, and energy prices. The US blew up Russian gas pipelines to Europe, starving them of energy and deindustrializing their countries. End the war and stop increasing prices.

  • Disband NATO

NATO expansion to Russia’s border provoked the war in Ukraine. NATO is a warmongering relic of the Cold War. Disband it like the Warsaw Pact.

  • Global Nuclear De-Escalation

The war in Ukraine has brought us to the edge of WW3 and nuclear war with Russia. US intelligence agencies estimate a one in four chance of nuclear war, which



Howard Switzer

Howard Switzer is an ecological architect and monetary reformer in rural Tennessee.